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A little about me:

I came to this country twelve years ago from Mexico. I started out as a sushi chef, but wasn't satisfied or challenged enough by the work.

Then one day my boss bought a cake from a nearby bakery for a special occasion. It was a very simple cake with butter cream roses on top, but I was amazed by the quality of the workmanship. I decided to learn cake decorating.

I went to meet the owner of the bakery and asked for a job. Even though I had no cake decorating experience, he was impressed enough by my artwork to hire me and give me a chance.

I started out doing mostly bakery work, helping out making cakes and setting up. As time went on I was allowed to do simple designs for cakes and then later help with the more complicated designs. I learned by doing, on the job every day.

Today, after eight years, I am a prize-winning cake artist. Though I am fluent in the use of sugar gum paste and fondant, I prefer to work mainly in butter cream and chocolate. These materials are more challenging to work with, but they're worth it. The cakes are more beautiful, with more vivid colors.

I make all different types of specialty cakes: portrait cakes, painting cakes, three-dimensional cakes, and multi-tier wedding cakes.